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The King of Crates stands for high quality used apple crates. The creates are A-quality, strong, firm and stable. The fruit crates are easy to paint and can be used for creative, interior or garden purposes. Choose Apple Crates for your home and garden purposes. The King of Crates stands for high quality used fruit crates. These crates have been used for years for the apple harvest and there have always been 15-20kg of apples in them. The crates are A-grade, sturdy, robust and stable. The apple crates are easy to paint, for creative projects, and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Some examples include cupboards, shop and restaurant decoration, and on bicycles. They are also very suitable for vegetable gardens!

Proper handling " Thanks for proper handling and explanation! Ordered 12 crates to make a cupboard and picked them up by appointment in Groningen. Will be back soon, my wife has many more ideas! "
Good quality " I bought 10 crates for my vegetable garden project. Added root cloth and potting soil and stacked them nicely on my balcony. I found the boxes very handy for this and of good quality. "
Extremely pleased " I just want to say that I'm extremely pleased! Extremely good, sturdy quality and very nice appearance and extremely fast shipping. They were also neatly packed, so arrived without a scratch! "
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